Reality TV
29th January 2016
Celebrity Relationships
31st January 2016


Not a day goes by but I see Huff Post and a plethora of other broadcasters and social networks informing me about who is trolling who. These social deviants have personality traits such as psychopathy, sociopathy and are high on machiavellianism. A collaboration of real control freaks you might say who are out to destroy the nation. At best they are a bunch of cowards who hide behind their deviant masks and persist in anonymity getting their own way with all who are vulnerable. What an incredible story about the Scottish MP Natalie McGarry who allegedly trolled JK Rowling from “Harry Potter” fame who she alleged was a mysogynist. As millions across the globe do daily, JK Rowling challenged the MP’s motives. for her allegations. How often do we think of our own motives day by day.

How can I find the motivation to listen to another episode of TOWIE with an army of fake tanned novice actors and actresses who continually lust after that awful word fame and who become obsessed with some form of celebrity status. Of course there is that quality production of Benidorm to whet your appetite on cold wintry days persuading you to get out the bit of plastic and book you and yours two weeks in the sun. Telly does more for us than a visit to our GP looking for antidepressants with an opportunity to fantasize or escape the reality of everyday life. To bring us back to basics bring on Andrew Marr with his political razor sharp mind or a pretty good show of glamour fashion and natural beauty products. Bring out the Sun and let us shine!