The Charismatic and Graceful Meghan

Prince Harry, Diana & Meghan Markle: A Personality Profile
11th August 2017
8th January 2018

The Charismatic and Graceful Meghan

(Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Since the Royal engagement has been announced the public have been enthralled at the very graceful charismatic young trendy film star from Los Angeles. Her personality traits have paved the way for her to be a huge success as she skilfully sculptures her pathway into Prince Harry’s aristocratic circles. Her well established Celebrity status has accentuated this transition, but Meghan has already demonstrated her ease of meeting with Harry’s close friends who will facilitate her rites de passage This has been not only a whirlwind romance, but a very skilfully thought out process in terms of Prince Harry who knows what he wants and was prepared to go to any ends to find that one special and very unique person he found in Meghan Markle. Harry would have to assessed the inner qualities and mindset of Meghan as the physical attraction became stronger and as they both established that emotional connection so vital in any relationship. How would his aristocratic friends react towards her? How will Meghan fit in and acquire the previously established norms that enriches the socialites of London? What if she felt that she might feel her personal identity threatened by the aristocracy, and could she cope with their array of behavioural norms and aristiocratic lifestyles. Meghan is a very highly intelligent young woman with a breadth and depth of diplomatic experiences possibly unknown to Harry’s aristocratic circles. Her background in Internal relations and understanding of International politics besides a grounding in theatre and film studies will cause a rethink among the Sloanies

Meghan’s world of Upper class American society was imbued with a classic array of fashion designers film directors and LA socialites who would have been Meghan’s motivators and encouragers. They would have gone to the ends of the earth to meet the young very cool Prince Harry the party Prince of the past, who had high celebrity status in their eyes. However, there is a world of differences between the LA socialite brigade of very fashionable wealthy upper crust Americans and the English aristocracy, who belong to Harry’s close friendship group and where access is completely out of the question. Here we see the sociological control processes in action where one has to obsessively guard the intimate conversations that are the core part of the London socialite party circuit. Oh how this would contrasts to LA and Meghan’s close friends! With the long distance relationship Meghan would have perhaps felt a little intimidated and curious about Harry’s very wealthy aristocratic pals and how would she fit into this obsessively exclusive network of friends. How would she learn the language of the English aristocracy with their emphasis on breeding racehorses playing Polo and Croquet on manicured English lawns, and cucumber sandwiches at the cricket club and especially at Wimbledon Meghan is a quick learner and can move flexibly across all sorts of demanding situations from the regality of Royal duties with Prince Harry to the charity work so meaningful to Meghan and her husband to be. I have no doubt she will be supported intensively by Harry, psychologically at least, as he is fully aware of her mindset feelings and inner motives and he consistently shows huge empathy with Meghan as he does for his soldier pals.


The young aristocracy of England and the ruling elite converge on the London party scene and elite sporting events. It’s an impulsive thing and widely expected by not only their PA’s and agents , but also to preserve the pedigree of our precious aristocracy, Meghan will fit perfectly into this newly acquired jet set with her poise decorum and incredible charm and sensuality. Already Meghan has been working hard to please her fiancé and Prince charming Harry by getting acquainted with some of his inner circle. She must know who is at the top and bottom of the young trendy hierarchy, who is worth knowing and why? Where do the lesser aristocratic mortals reign over us in the pecking order and who are they connected to? Psychologically Meghan needs to establish trust with her mentors close to Harry who will school her in avoiding the many pitfalls of our English high society. Meghan will, as Sarah Rainey pointed out so avidly in the Daily Mail article recently, need to get the WAGS of   Harry and Willam on her side as she needs a network loyal to her at all times, in order not to disrupt the aristocratic equilibrium. Her main task as I see t is in developing her motivational repertoire to ensure that she can be an integral part of the decision making apparatus inside Harry’s socialite power base. These wives and girlfriends are those who call the shots and decide on where to party next in the busting at the seams aristocratic socialites diary.   However, in any clique there are a few who stand out as supreme with social economic and political influence and power behind them and none better than Hugh van Cutsem and Rose Astor from Chipping Norton. How will Meghan relate to them? I’d imagine with amazing ease charm and diplomacy. Her Prince will have her briefed daily on the who’s who of his pals and how he is seen by them and who has formed alliances with whom. They are the aorta valve of Prince Harry’s network of socialites, the powerfully influential duo who influence all decisions as to where they will ski, which party is next on the list …. Meghan is not one who has a background or interest in breeding racehorses not shooting Grouse nor pubbing and clubbing, so this is a major psychological challenge for her to accommodate. The fact that American aristocracy is radically different form English Royals this will bond Meghan to the WAGS and upper crust socialites in a funfilled manner which they will find intriguing and could be the catalysts in the socialites equation.

Now who is Rose and Hugh van Cutsem? She runs the Soho Farmhouse an enchanting paradox … a Gentleman’s private members Club in one hundred acres of paradise in Oxfordshire, much adored by A listers such as The Beckhams The Clooneys, the Camerons, and models Suki an Immy Waterhous, Cara Delavigne and many other household names. Rose as I’m reliably informed , is head of the membership committee at the farmhouse and keeps social control over who can become a member or not. It appears that she has met Meghan there. She seemingly offered Harry and Meghan   the use of the farmhouse where a night’s stay would shock your bank manager . The rooms are around £725.00 per night. The outcome of this is that in Rose Meghan has found a confidante, one who will socialize her into the upper crust elite of British Society , but it’s a place where media cannot infiltrate as such, and they can behave like any normal trendy couple away from the stuffiness of the Royal corridors and footmen. It’s a discreet place to learn the art of who’s who in our beloved aristocracy, an exotic environment where personalities merge like a high level cocktail with a high level concoction, the school of the ruling elite. Another potential confidante may be Tom “Skippy” Inskip, whose wife Lara Hughes-Young is a social influencer. These are the power women significantly important for Meghan’s future as a Princess in waiting, but Meghan’s persona is equally of not more powerful than any of them. In Tom’s sister Victoria, Meghan will have found another London socialite who shares her love of charity work and caring for others less fortunate in society. In the past year Tom and Lara invited harry and another to their wedding, but they became a little apprehensive as she was not yet engaged to Prince Harry but Meghan carried it off like a genuine Royal with the ultimate decorum, She had now won their seal of approval which will have many positive advantages over the coming months and after the Royal wedding in Springtime. An important aspect of joining the Royals is to know each other’s personalities attitudes likes and dislikes, jealousy and who might be envious of another socialite or old Etonian. Meghan is very computer savvy, insightful and has enough commonsense and     fortitude to deal with any conflicts in the foreseeable future. As far as social perception goes, a few of Harry’s closest pals see Meghan as a woman who knows what she wants and will get what she wants, but in the nicest possible way. Her love chemistry for Harry was not based on his being a member of the Royal family, but simply a very cool loving caring Prince who fell in love with her at first sight, and who he sees as Harry, and it’s this perception that’s makes her so acceptable to the British public .

Meghan is a social and celebrity psychologists dream as she radiates a natural healthy outlook on life, filling her life with adorable achievements in many directions, she is an achiever, in all she turns her hands to. She knows the pain of divorce , and both understand its profound impact on their lifespan development and the psychological adjustments she and Harry had to make after human loss and tragedy. Her overall charismatic and electric personality has intrigued Harry’s pals and their girlfriends and wives Now Meghan has to make sense out of her exposure to the more of the Old Etonian elite, and their WAGs . She will need to know the pedigree and motives besides the family tree of filmmaker Arthur Landon and his stunning girlfriend Allesandra Balazs, Harry’s college mate at Eton, Jake Warren and wife Zoe, besides others namely Thomas van Straubenzee . More salient is the fact that Allesandra is an American film actress so I’m curious to see how this relationship and friendship takes it course pre and post wedding. In my professional view I can see Meghan playing it really cool as a seasoned observer she may do a “cabinet reshuffle” with Harrys friends and as a more mature person she will persuade Harry to facilitate her wishes. This may be an issue after the wedding as they settle down to married life and undertake many Royal visits and responsibilities. Prince Harry will put Meghan first in everything and this includes how she sees and adjusts to his close friends. I followed Meghan’s social media accounts avidly over the many months prior to the engagement and with her 2.7 million Instagram followers and love of meditation and hence mindfulness, she will be an asset to Harry and his drive to see more quality services for the mental health of young people and the influence of mindfulness training and seminars. Everyone in Harry’s network circuit love Meghan’s personality and see her as a beacon of light bringing a new freshness into the London socialite party circuit and country life gatherings at the Oxford Soho farmhouse I’m pretty certain that Rose will have a ski pack already in waiting for Meghan for Klosters. Meghan may have ruffled the feathers unknowingly of one of Harry’s closest friends Guy Pelly. He’s a wealthy guy a London Nightclub owner who loves fun   irrespective of what it costs as he is chief organizer for the lads only trips abroad. The bromance group of batchelor guys is now broken in pieces as many of them are of the age to settle down . To Guy, Meghan means the end of wild parties and carefree weekends and trips abroad. Meghan will moderate Prince Harry to realign his personality traits and attitudes with hers, as she is not a pubbing and clubbing woman but one who has the potential to charm the entire nation, care for those in need and become a real ambassador for the Royal family, that breath of fresh air so lacking in todays Royalty.



Arthur Cassidy Ph.D

Social Media & Celebrity Psychologist