Celebrity Relationships
31st January 2016
Psychology of Fashion Part 1
22nd February 2016


Another BAFTA red carpet occasion when the adrenaline and serotonin levels rise to the sound of music. Just looking at Laura Whitmore’s creation which is a far cry from the celebrity Jungle platform. Lea Seydoux one might ask .. who is she…but the canary yellow fabric has a burnt orange tinge to it, nevertheless its a striking dominant colour eye catching but does it say something about her personality?

Cast another eye on Laura Bailey who chose a very eyecatching creation with side pockets. Not for the tissues I’d expect, but look at those wide eyes which synchronize perfectly with the wide lips together with high cheekbones , a psychologists ideal female face for interpersonal attraction.Move over camera one and watch the lens as our legendary star of stage and screen Julianne Moore might have thought we all needed 3D glasses as she wears a beautiful red dress difficult to see where it ends and the carpet begins. We all reach for eyedrops to refocus on Kate Winslet Dame Maggie Smith Idris Elba and Eddie Redman.All are up for the gongs… but do you ever think about the extent our daily lives are saturated with competition for success. Spent last week finishing an autobiography of Caroline Flack. an amazing success story and a pretty good read, but where is Leonardo De Caprio…. perhaps his close friend Rhianna is on the sidelines with a tranquilizer. I hope he has plenty of tissues in his side pocket as he has desperately wanted an Oscar, but who knows he deserves at least a BAFTA award. for all his talent. Lets all intensify our focus on Spotlight as the best Film, well documented with excellent interviews and cutting edge journalism.

My eyes are on mark Ruffalo for Supporting actor and Kate Winslet and Alicia Vikander for the best supporting actresses. For the best Director I was impressed with Alejando G Inarritu for The Revenant.

I hope they don’t have to go to work early tomorrow.