31st January 2016

Reality TV

What an amazing week in front of the big screen. Continuous repeats of reality television and the various flareups in Big Brother House. I ask why do we have to be saturated with so much of this sheer nonsense arguments conflict and nothing short of xrated screenplay. Television has a significant influence over the shaping of our attitudes and what we view says much about our personality values and tastes. People have sixteen personality motives such as curiosity, vengeance, aggression, love, hate sex, affiliation and much more.

We switch these on and of when they need to be satisfied so, reality television is seen to fulfil our hidden desires and motives.Is Stephanie and all others really celebrities? The name makes me want to curl up with the latest edition of the Beano for a good laugh. The term is totally meaningless to some extent as anyone who leaves drama school and gets a walk in part in one of our current reality shows is automatically a “Celebrity”. Enough said. Strictly Come Dancing at least looks semi respectable as it involves a high degree of foot work skill , at least on the dance floor, but media has also shown us where the heart lies the feet will wander.

Is this fast becoming the latest dating agency in disguise. Thank goodness for holiday documentaries and informative television. The heartbreak of refugees and children in the sea struggling for life puts it all into perspective.