Meghan Mania: The Hollywood Princess & The World Obsession With Her Fashion

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7th March 2018
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Meghan Mania: The Hollywood Princess & The World Obsession With Her Fashion

Meghan Markle has rapidly become the most talked about loved and adored celebrity as a Hollywood film star in her own right. Now becoming a Royal Princess she has like the late Princess Diana, won the hearts of the nation. A cool shrewd mature young woman ,she knows about impression formation and every detail of impression management.   I cannot help but notice how she utilizes every personality trait very effectively to establish her brand not only in UK but across the nations.

Meghan’s Social Influence on the Nation

The moment people see her with Prince Harry, catch a glimpse of her dashing into or out of a car, world designer’s go into a frenzy to see if she is wearing one of their exclusive creations. This is positive psychology at its very best. Meghan realizes that she is one of the world’s leading social influencers of fashion and design, motivated to inspire young designers and encourage consumers to follow her trend. She also knows the psychological effect she has on not only empowering women to achieve and become hugely successful, but to persuade consumers to follow fashion and increase self worth self esteem and boost their self confidence.

Fashion designers know that every minute detail of the cut texture and design are vital for ultimate consumer buying, but Meghan’s flair for upmarket fashion comes with a price, not within easy reach of most young professionals salary whilst starting out on their career. But again there are the copies and that must please half the nation at least, but the psychological power of persuasion she has utilized day after day, has facilitated the rise in impulsive buying online. Young women and some older will be flashing their credit and debit cards in what must be a highly competitive market who want to be the first to be seen in the high street , the office, the summer parties wearing a copy of Meghan’s skirt, jacket shows and carrying her latest handbag .



High street chain stores understand the human mindset and know only too well that any garment Meghan wears will cause sales to increase at phenomenal speed with copies flying off the shelves the moment stock arrives. We are driven by our human motives which as associated with our basic needs and whilst we in fact not actually need to have one of her outfits, nevertheless we must buy at least one of her garments. That satiates us, but fashion is fashion, and once we socially compare ourselves with others in our peer group, we cringe if we see a friend at the office or at a summer party wearing the same copy. When the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William, such was the fashion craze, that her flair for making a fashion statement stimulated a £1 billion pound British Fashion Industry revolution. Her personality characteristics are in contrast to Meghan’s as is her charisma, but then the Middleton’s hail from the English bourgeoisie and middle classes, with the dignity that goes with it. Meghan is the fresh young working class American girl who achieved her middle class social status as a Hollywood film star by sheer hard work combined with her love and zealousness for humanitarian projects. Her current self identity as a style icon is not restricted to the American fashion industry, but she has made excellent use of the psychological skills that has increased her attention on the world stage. Meghan has created a very extraordinary mix of social political and economic virtues     strategically reflected in her use of clothing and high end fashion. This in itself increases her power of self discovery as she knowingly manipulates the world wide market for fashion . She has been reported recently in the tabloids as possessing “ Effortless Chic” which describes her perpetual style and demonstrates her ease in the context of Royal walkabouts and meeting people from various ethnic backgrounds. The Canadians behind her £750.00 white wrap coat she wore to her engagement in November made a huge impression on women around the world. The obsession young consumers experienced meant that this white coat caused an insane 5.000 requests   to purchase the same coat., so it was reported in the press. Canadian American British and European designers now realize the highly lucrative effect a celebrity can have on increased sales and the Meghan Effect. When a Celebrity possesses the unique personality types and traits of Meghan Markle, there is usually one major fashion designer that wins their hearts because this is an extraordinary psychological bond between designer and celebrity. It his or her creation which is the result of knowing Meghan’s mindset, her future role and changing status, and the nonverbal communication that flows from her body language and presence. John Muscat has been Meghan’s dresser for the past five years and is the founder of Line The label, a Canadian brand behind that white wool coat. He knows the charismatic nature of her inner self, her zealousness and fortitude to speak out on various issues and this facilitates his choice of fashion styles as he knows his creations will make powerful international statements about Meghan. Clothes are not only very functional , but in celebrity terms they convey the inner self, the power statements that make highly effective people.

Young women, especially those who work hard to maintain a strong feminine identity , like millions of others across the nations, may feel the compulsion to dress in a similar fashion to Meghan. This is individuation at its very best, the psychological term we use which allows others to stand out and be noticed in public life and more so on the Red Carpet events. Meghan uses this tactic consistently as   she has brought a wide collection of these very special clothes from Line The Label, with her to London.   Power dresser’s have to be consistent in getting across the message, and Meghan has many messages to put across in the coming days weeks and months following the Royal Wedding. She now has the incredibly privileged position and status to socially influence not only feminist and bi racial identities, but this in turn facilitates the power dressing for marginalized young black women and those with what Meghan terms , an ambiguous racial identity. She is the social influencer of all social influencers in our advanced industrial society , stimulating motivating fashion designers and High Street retail buyers to buy her preferred brand of jackets skirts shoes and handbags.

Press reports point out that following the engagement, the demand for this particular white coat caused international requests to flood in to her Canadian designer’s office. As a result, he renamed the coat “The Meghan”. Another fashion designer favourite of Meghan’s in Toronto is Santaler, a brand she reportedly loves to have with her. Its founder Bojaner Santaler said that Meghan loves wrap coats which suits her image perfectly, so she has nine of these coats. The £1,000.00 Santaler Camel coat she wore at Church on Christmas Day with ribbed sleeves, sold out in 24 hours. Price is irrelevant when young women everywhere will make other sacrifices in their budget to make another special “ Meghan” purchase. Buy one garment and psychologically it looks exceptional, except for the fact that the buyer will see the other Meghan accessories and so this leads to a complete outfit, with purchases of perhaps a Charlotte Elizabeth Bloomsbury handbag at £ 175.00 or another Burberry baby bridle bag at £595.00 So the Meghan effect not only influences growth and inspiration for world designers, but has the potential to increase our psychological dependency on what our favourite celebrity wears day by day. It’s easy to drift into a clinical obsession because of the unintended causes which is beyond our means and out of our control. It’s the basic need factor which drives our motivates to achieve another novel object that gets us noticed in a strongly competitive market place. Meghan Markle has produced an emotional tsunami among fashion conscious young women and has set herself on the pinnacle of being cherished adored and emulated the word over.



Arthur Cassidy

The Celebrity Doctor