31st January 2016
15th February 2016

Celebrity Relationships

The snow is falling into a rhythm across the countryside as I catch up with love and romance between the stars of Hollywood. The hottest story trending at the moment causes us to wonder if any A lister can really commit to any sort of long terms satisfying relationship. Rihanna and Leo De Caprio high profile celebrities were reportedly seen in a Parisian nightclub kissing. Reports suggest they have been dating for about a year now so what’s the point you might ask? Psychologically he seems to be playing Mr Cool guy motivated to keep everyone in suspense, but why cover it up. Rihanna is Rihanna love her or hate her, but she and he are fully human with the capacity to love each other.

In the crazy world of showbiz any long term relationship is becoming a non starter. The problem is that they never have the time to commit to an emotionally satisfying serious relationship. They cannot relate in either time or space. paparezzi like these have abnormal life styles compared to us lesser mortals They are constantly in the gaze of media and cameramen zooming into their personal lives. Leonardo is more concerned about his fame status and work schedules rather than his love life. Money is pure gold.Both have a legal right to privacy and who can blame them for being in love under the radar.

As a psychologist, celebrity lives are imbued with chronic stress as they try to lead a normal life virtually impossible.Your not likely to bump into either in your local Waitrose store or Walmart. I’m intrigued .. do they shop in secret or have a few staff who do it for them. How can they chill out and sit down on a Saturday night with a DVD and bag of popcorn ? Perhaps we are to blame to some extent as we expect them to be icons of perfection and positive role models for today’s world. I’m fascinated by the flirtatious personality Rihanna has and her attraction to Leo as he’s always been a true mentor . Compared to the off Listers in Big Brother House it puts everything into perspective. Stephanie, Angie,Sam and all others absorbed into the world of low budget reality shows that only serve to satiate our covet desires and hidden fantasies.