Psychology of Fashion Part 2
22nd February 2016
Fashion Blog: Psychology of Colours
22nd February 2016

Celebrity Relationships

Let’s take a closer look at Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuck and you might say she’s wasting her time as perhaps she has not just overcome the breakup with Chris Martin. Dissolution of relationships are never easy and the emotional pain and hurt is intolerable for most…except the breakup was a psychological release from whatever came their way.Her new beau is a man driven to succeed as a television producer and seems to be rushing into this new relationship headstrong. He is emotionally intoxicated with her and loves her beyond words but can it last ? My view is that Gwyneth will not be rushed as once bitten twice shy. She knows what she wants and is evaluative in terms of the future. There is what we call in our profession an inequity or imbalance of emotions as he is over the moon with her and she is playing coy but keen. Can any of these Celebrity relationships ever survive the commitment to a happy long lasting marriage with its vows to death us do part. I feel for celebrities as they are continuously under the scrutiny of the critical public. They too are fully human with feelings that we all have for each other, but stability and emotional growth and commitment in human relationships between celebrities never seem to survive the stormy waters except in a few cases. Look at Catherine Zeta Jones and her hubby Michael Douglas still together as strong positive role models of survival. How do they relate and what is that that bonds them together in the media world of celebrity distancing effects and competition besides the magnetic pull of temptation and jealously

Roll out the carpet for Rhianna. These two have to most intriguing relationship that would inspire any counsellor or psychologist to bring them in for an appointment. The world is full of lotharios especially those A listers. who tag along on the arm of their highly successful peers. Leo De Caprio must have felt charmed by his recent BAFTA award last week but media coverage shows him with two celebs and an eye for the younger Laura Whitmore. Was it real or a decoy for press photographers. The Irish presenter will see through him and any other A listers who try to make a passa t her but this is the world of Cinderalla all tinsel and glitter where reality is in oblivion… poor Rhianna , I could not see her arm in arm with hr Leo but they were not alone. This is endemic in the world of glitter and sparkle. Rhianna is 27 and he is 41. An age gap but reasonably acceptable in today’s very secularized society. On a different note how nice to see Peaches Geldorf widower Tom Cohen stepping out with Daisy Lowe and sharing a very public kiss. A reflection of the age of love and romance as they walk their little dog, after a five year romance it’s getting onto a higher level. I’m left wondering where the world of pop and celebrity culture will end. All their fans know the latest details of their love lives but ironically A Listers know little or nothing about their fans. Let’s see more of love and romance and higher moral standards among our celebrities as they have so much power as role models for the next generations. Our teenagers need strong celebrity achievers and those who show the reality of the difficulties of love and romance in celebrity relationships but how to overcome their difficulties in relationships and be positive role models for these youth of today and tomorrow.