Rupert Murdoch has found love once more after the breakdown of his former marriage to Wendy Deng. He is 84 and fresh as a daisy and Jerry is 59 still with a twinkle in her eye after her marriage ended with Mick Jagger. Just gaze at that 2 Million pound bobby dazzler of a rock mined by human hands no doubt and unique as unique can possibly be. But who cares about the size, the wealth, the cut of the diamond except those socialites and ex Sloanies who don’t know what it is to do a hard day’s work. It’s the age of consumerism where real values are dissipated, an orgy of consumerism to put it bluntly. But pure love it must be and what about the age gap? The most important ingredient here is equity and homeostasis in their relationship.

It was a whirlwind romance dating back not years but last August and an engagement in October. Fast work for Rupert, but the age gap is only two meaningless digits, and their future happiness depends on how they exchange daily positive rewards to each other. It’s not about money and bank accounts but about needing each other and bonding emotionally with family around them as a supportive mechanism and establishing those psychological bonds of trust fidelity and good citizenship. Many are apt to see the negatives in these celebrity weddings but they live life in a cocoon constantly surrounded by media and photographers prying into their privacy wherever they go. At least he can bring Mrs Murdoch now far into the distant oceans on his multimillion pound Yacht far from the madding crowds. Have you considered how fortunate we are with only Facebook Twitter and Instagram to contend with?