Fashion Blog: Psychology of Colours
22nd February 2016
Celebrity Blog- Rupert Murdoch
9th March 2016

Celebrity Blog- Rihanna

This week I scour the various glossy mags and fashion shows to see what the science of psychology has to say about who’s who in the news. I casually open a tabloid to see Rihanna once again making a statement , as if she hasn’t already been noticed by millions. Psychology claims by years of scientific research that first impressions count. In Rhianna’s case and many of her model celebrity peers, every impression counts. The world of fashion today is about phenomenal amounts of money paid to high profile models, and footballers, sinful one might say. But it’s all about sexualisation of the female body with the more cleavage shown to allure and satiate the voyeurs of this world but also to compete for attention to detail. Her coatdress would have been more attractive closed over and do we really want to see her tattoo strategically placed to focus attention on what is above it.

Psychologists have much to say about the visual impact this body exposure has on children who struggle to get through childhood nowadays and more so pre pubescent teenagers who are deeply influenced by these models. It seems to legitimize the breast exposure as an acceptable norm. Add to this Rihanna’s gyrating recently with her friend Drake with profoundly sexual acts on stage to shock and attract. This dress was demure by her own standards but the Barbadian singer may have other motives in mind as she plans her pop videos. Alexander McQueen has certainly created a brain stimulant in the dresscoat, but he never gyrated around the stage half naked to get attention of viewers. He leaves an amazing legacy of fashion.