25th January 2019

The Dark Side of Personality in Online Daters, Sociopaths & Psychopaths

    The Dark Side of Personality in Online Daters Sociopaths & Psychopaths In the news this week and in previous months we read the most […]
2nd January 2019

Is Meghan Markle a Social Influencer in the Royal family?

      Is Meghan really a Social influencer in Royal Circles? Today we begin a new year filled with aspirations with new hopes, new challenges […]
25th November 2018

Alpha males, stress and coping in this years I’m A celebrity 2018

Alpha males, Stress and coping in this years I’m A celebrity,2018 In this week’s blog I want to discuss the subject of stress and coping in […]
9th August 2018

CELEBRITY SCANDALS☹ And ( Big Ben’s Bit on the Side)

What is a celebrity scandal? Why do political leaders become the focus of international scandals?         Politicians and Infidelity Summer has gone and […]
20th July 2018


    CELEBRITY SCANDALS: CBB and DISHING THE DIRT?   What is a celebrity scandal? Summer is here and we as a nation in the UK […]
17th July 2018

Thomas Markle and Meghan:Time is Right to Meet in London

Personality meltdown: Will Thomas Markle fly to UK to see Meghan       In my recent SKY interview I spoke about the psychology of emotional […]
13th July 2018

Will A Narcissist Always Abuse The Ones They Love?

Will Narcissists Always Abuse The One They Love?         We live in a not so perfect world where various forms of abuse are […]
8th July 2018

The Psychology of Survival: Thai Cave Rescue

Thai Cave Rescue: Psychology of Survival The whole world have been focused past two weeks on the very high risk rescue of twelve schoolboys trapped some […]
8th July 2018

The Impact of Trumps visit to the UK: The Dark Narcissist

    The “Impactful” visit from Trump: Does Trump Suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder ? In my continuing research into the mind of Donald Trump and […]
1st July 2018


INTERNET ADDICTION: IS YOUR PC AND SMARTPHONE CHANGING YOU? I sit in Costa coffee house and observe a group of young teenagers and older but young […]
1st July 2018

The Dark Side of Personality : Depressivity & Anhedonia

  What is psychotherapy? Getting into the dark side of personality.   This month in my mental health blogs I intend to deal with the darker […]
22nd June 2018


    Todays Daily Mail22nd June 2018 reports the untimely death of reality star Sophie Gradon , at the young age of 32. A middle class […]
8th June 2018

G7 Summit : The Psychological Profile of a Dictatorship: Kim Jong un

G7 Summit: The Psychological profile of a Dictatorship: Kim Jong il and Kim Jong un On this hot summers day in June 2018., I have been […]
5th June 2018

Inside the mind of a celebrity stalker

In today’s tabloids and broadsheets I read with complete and utter horror of the two year stalking experience Christine Lampard our much loved TV Presenter and […]
3rd June 2018

The Psychology underpinning “Knife Crime Phenomena”

A British Psychological Society Parliamentary Office Publication Many young people carry knives not with the deliberate intention to harm, but to protect themselves or to gain […]
10th May 2018

Meghan Mania: The Hollywood Princess & The World Obsession With Her Fashion

Meghan Markle has rapidly become the most talked about loved and adored celebrity as a Hollywood film star in her own right. Now becoming a Royal […]
7th March 2018

A Nation of Teenagers Under Stress

STRESS. A term we all use and something we experience often, but what do we really know about the pressure on adolescents and the stress this […]
8th January 2018


In Saturday’s edition of The Times January 6th 2018 I read an incredibly profound article by Ben McIntyre with regards to the 25th Amendment. He argued […]
11th December 2017

The Charismatic and Graceful Meghan

(Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images) Since the Royal engagement has been announced the public have been enthralled at the very graceful charismatic young […]
11th August 2017

Prince Harry, Diana & Meghan Markle: A Personality Profile

Introduction A professional personality profile of two of the world’s most eligible young celebrities is full of intrigue for many reasons. A dashing Royal Prince and […]