17th May 2019

Understanding Suicide ,its Prevention and Detection in Reality TV Shows: A brief Guide for TV Producers

Understanding Suicide its Prevention and Detection in Reality Tv Shows A Brief Guide for Tv Producers     Why People die by Suicide   As a […]
24th March 2019

Dirty Politics and the case of Threatened Identities

  The nation is at the crossroads and the citizens of the United Kingdom are deeply divided. On Saturday well over a million people gathered around […]
7th March 2019

The Psychopathology of Teenage Killers

Psychopathology and Teen Killers SOME PEOPLE ARE DEPRAVED PSYCHOPATHS EVEN AS TEENS     Thankfully, the numbers of teen psychopaths globally is very small. But the […]
25th January 2019

The Dark Side of Personality in Online Daters, Sociopaths & Psychopaths

    The Dark Side of Personality in Online Daters Sociopaths & Psychopaths In the news this week and in previous months we read the most […]
2nd January 2019

Is Meghan Markle a Social Influencer in the Royal family?

      Is Meghan really a Social influencer in Royal Circles? Today we begin a new year filled with aspirations with new hopes, new challenges […]
25th November 2018

Alpha males, stress and coping in this years I’m A celebrity 2018

Alpha males, Stress and coping in this years I’m A celebrity,2018 In this week’s blog I want to discuss the subject of stress and coping in […]
9th August 2018

CELEBRITY SCANDALS☹ And ( Big Ben’s Bit on the Side)

What is a celebrity scandal? Why do political leaders become the focus of international scandals?         Politicians and Infidelity Summer has gone and […]
20th July 2018


    CELEBRITY SCANDALS: CBB and DISHING THE DIRT?   What is a celebrity scandal? Summer is here and we as a nation in the UK […]
17th July 2018

Thomas Markle and Meghan:Time is Right to Meet in London

Personality meltdown: Will Thomas Markle fly to UK to see Meghan       In my recent SKY interview I spoke about the psychology of emotional […]
13th July 2018

Will A Narcissist Always Abuse The Ones They Love?

Will Narcissists Always Abuse The One They Love?         We live in a not so perfect world where various forms of abuse are […]
8th July 2018

The Psychology of Survival: Thai Cave Rescue

Thai Cave Rescue: Psychology of Survival The whole world have been focused past two weeks on the very high risk rescue of twelve schoolboys trapped some […]
8th July 2018

The Impact of Trumps visit to the UK: The Dark Narcissist

    The “Impactful” visit from Trump: Does Trump Suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder ? In my continuing research into the mind of Donald Trump and […]
1st July 2018


INTERNET ADDICTION: IS YOUR PC AND SMARTPHONE CHANGING YOU? I sit in Costa coffee house and observe a group of young teenagers and older but young […]
1st July 2018

The Dark Side of Personality : Depressivity & Anhedonia

  What is psychotherapy? Getting into the dark side of personality.   This month in my mental health blogs I intend to deal with the darker […]
22nd June 2018


    Todays Daily Mail22nd June 2018 reports the untimely death of reality star Sophie Gradon , at the young age of 32. A middle class […]
8th June 2018

G7 Summit : The Psychological Profile of a Dictatorship: Kim Jong un

G7 Summit: The Psychological profile of a Dictatorship: Kim Jong il and Kim Jong un On this hot summers day in June 2018., I have been […]
5th June 2018

Inside the mind of a celebrity stalker

In today’s tabloids and broadsheets I read with complete and utter horror of the two year stalking experience Christine Lampard our much loved TV Presenter and […]
3rd June 2018

The Psychology underpinning “Knife Crime Phenomena”

A British Psychological Society Parliamentary Office Publication Many young people carry knives not with the deliberate intention to harm, but to protect themselves or to gain […]
10th May 2018

Meghan Mania: The Hollywood Princess & The World Obsession With Her Fashion

Meghan Markle has rapidly become the most talked about loved and adored celebrity as a Hollywood film star in her own right. Now becoming a Royal […]
7th March 2018

A Nation of Teenagers Under Stress

STRESS. A term we all use and something we experience often, but what do we really know about the pressure on adolescents and the stress this […]