Are Certain groups of people more likely to leave suicide notes?

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20th July 2016
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Are Certain groups of people more likely to leave suicide notes?

When we think of the vast number of completed suicides that take place across all continents each year, we might ask why did they do it? In our research into health and mental lllness Psychologists use the interview method by talking to survivors what processes led them to contemplate ending their life. recently we have had several Celebrity suicides including Robin Williams and many others. Psychologists examine carefully the language used in the notes suicide victims leave behind In reality  its only a minority of victims who leave notes and these require careful forensic analysis to confirm the reliability and validity of the notes as written by the suicide victim. <br> <br>

In a new analysis published by the Archives of Suicide Research of all the suicides that occurred in Queensland in 2004 it questions this very assumption that  victims who leave notes are  the same as those who don’t. Belinda Carpenter and her colleagues  were given access to 533 Coronial reports of suicide victims that year, including autopsy and police reports.The majority of suicide victims were male (81.5 {d69a07e39cca9dc8f380449ada7403f6b8682c9785ec22acfc2736127223acdf}) and the average age at death was 43 .8 years.The trend in vogue was death by hanging and just over half had previous mental health difficulties.<br> <br>

The research findings showed that women were less likely to leave a note (or made a verbal warning) than men.Amid the victims who left a note,or warning of some kind, women left a written note as did victims form more affluent areas, whilst those with mental health difficulties made verbal warnings.The research concluded that there were significant  differences between those who left suicide notes and those who don’t.

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An area for psychologists to investigate is the nature of A -listers and the Celebrity lifestyle factors which contribute to mental health difficulties such as acute and chronic suicidal  depression and chronic depression and loss of privacy