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D r. Arthur Cassidy is a well established Social Media and Celebrity Psychologist who has made a dynamic and energetic impact to contemporary television programmes by bringing a fresh insight into evidence based psychological aspects of a wide range of topics on human behaviour seen in today’s terrestrial channels. His psychological expertise and warm personality is constantly sought after by television executives, researchers and producers for high profile reality shows and serious documentaries.

Arthur is a highly qualified British psychologist with degrees in Social and Political Science, Experimental and Health Psychology together with specialist research interests in the scientific study of personality and Identities online and offline. He holds honours degrees from the University of Ulster, and his Post Graduate research Doctorate from the Queens University of Belfast. Dr.Arthur Cassidy is a Chartered Psychologist and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Arthur has taught lectured and examined in various specialities within psychology in Universities and was a visiting Lecturer to the Hong Kong Polytechnic.

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19th May 2017

Celebrities, Obsession and Reality Television

We live in a ubiquitous world of celebrity obsession and highly motivated voyeurism reality television genres is uncomplete except it provides us with our daily fix […]
23rd March 2017

Political Celebrity Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness: A Psychological Analysis of his life in Politics Early Adolescence: Conformity and Obedience James Martin Pacelli McGuinness played a leading role in negotiating the […]
6th March 2017
Women in Politics

Women in Politics A Psychological Perspective

Celebrity Women Achievers in Politics Today we have witnessed new era of female political power in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Arlene Foster leader of the DUP […]

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